How to share programs

Cost-Sharing Programs

How  it works

A library interested in suggesting a program for cost-sharing should send an announcement to  (see below for further instructions on that).

  • The originating library becomes the main point of contact for the performer.
  • That library sets up and shares the Zoom registration form and Zoom link with all participating libraries.
  • That library ensures that PALS Plus receives a copy of the presenter’s invoice, as well as a list of all participating libraries, including the respective share of the cost.
  • That library provides a description of the event and a graphic (not just a PDF flyer) that others may use to promote the event. The graphic and other promotional material can be shared and accessed in the PALS Plus a folder in PALS Plus Shared Program Committee Google Drive.
  • That library is responsible for assigning a staffer to monitor the Zoom meeting and chat, and make sure it goes smoothly.
  • That library is responsible for reporting back to the co-sponsors on the number of registrations and actual attendance at event  


PALS Plus will serve as the fiscal agent for cost-share programs. The originating library contact person will request an invoice, addressed to PALS Plus, 292 Piaget Avenue, Clifton NJ 07011 from the performer. The contact person is also responsible for ensuring the PALS Plus receives the invoice so that it can be paid in a timely manner.


Member libraries will be notified of the cost-sharing opportunity (preferably at least 30 days before the event) with a deadline of when a response is needed in order to join the cost-share. Confirmation that the library wishes to cost-share must come from the director of the interested library (or their designee).  Each library
will then be billed their share of the total cost.

Program Announcements

Use the email group to announce and share programs.
When announcing a shared program opportunity, depending on the nature of the announcement, please begin the email subject with one of the following:



Begin your subject with COST SHARE OPPORTUNITY if you are offering a program for which the cost will be shared with other participating libraries.  This might be cost-sharing a program, or a negotiation for a lower per/library rate with a performer if multiple libraries participate.

Example subject: COST SHARE OPPORTUNITY – Memorial Day Virtual Program



Begin your subject with FREE PROGRAM (Date) to promote an upcoming free programs you’re having. You may want to include a direct link to your event (on your website or your Facebook event) to make it easier for recipients to obtain the information.

Example subject: FREE PROGRAM 4/23 – Gentle Yoga for Seniors (Zoom)



Isn’t it frustrating when you go to all this trouble to arrange a program and you’ve only got three people signed up? Well, you can open registration to other libraries and ask them to promote the program at their library. For these programs, begin your subject heading with PLEASE PROMOTE (Date).

Example subject: PLEASE PROMOTE 4/15 – Author program (virtual)