Information Management Committee 2017-05-02 Minutes

PALS PLUS Information Management Committee Meeting Minutes: 2017

The Information Management Committee meeting called to order at Clifton Public Library.

On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 2:25 p.m., by Michael Drazek.


Michael Drazek             _X_                                    Anne Schapiro       ___

Precious Mack              _X_                                     Mary Wilson          _X_

Luca Manna                  _X_


Old Business:

The committee continued to review the results of the first survey.

Members brainstormed ideas based on the results of the survey as to what a PALS Plus Information Resource should entail.

Mary said it should be free, contain policies and procedures, offer a “Rant Place” like a forum allowing staff to input ideas, communication of messages should be efficient, the level of computer experience by staff should not be a deterrent, training videos should be available and it should be accessible.

Precious said it should offer training, be similar to BCCLS’s staff website with sections and information accessible, it should function like a content management system similar to WordPress or Drupal, these systems can be made to do anything, documents should be easy to add, and encompasses the PALS Plus website as a part of the structure.

Luca said it should include an “Idea Wall”, be easy to add content, easy to use, chairs should be able to create content without difficulty, accessible as in how easy it is to find something, not necessarily a single system, be able to direct to library websites, and include an events calendar with author visits, special programing and things that may be of interest to patrons of other libraries, an aggregate of information.

Michael said it should be easy to access the way BCCLS staff website has information available, the design needs to be better, would allow for quick lookup of information, easy to maintain and add information.

New Business:

The committee worked on the second survey.  It was decided to keep it short and simple.  Three questions would be asked:

1) based on a list, what do you expect to find in the PALS Plus information resource,
2) what would you want to be in this resource, that is not in the wiki,
and finally 3) how do you feel the information should be accessed.

Luca would create the form in Google Forms and send it out to the committee for review and comments before it was sent out to library directors and staff.

The committee had looked at some wiki implementations and felt that the structure and design of a wiki was not really what was envisioned in a final resource.  Discussion about the benefits of content management systems and how they may be customized took place.

Adjournment: Time     3:54 p.m.

Next meeting: Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 2:15 p.m. – Clifton Library

Respectfully submitted,


Michael Drazek