IMC – 2017 – June 01 – Minutes

Information Management Committee 2017-06-01 Minutes

PALS PLUS Information Management Committee Meeting Minutes: 2017

The Information Management Committee meeting called to order at Clifton Public Library

on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 2:17 p.m., by Michael Drazek.



Michael Drazek             _X_                                    Anne Schapiro      _X_

Precious Mack              _X_                                     Mary Wilson          _ _

Luca Manna                  _X_



Correspondence:  Anne received an email from a Clifton staffer expressing concern with opening up information to the public.

There was discussion among the committee as to what information would need to be secured.

Old Business:

The PALS Plus Information Management Committee looked over the summary of the first survey’s results to make sure there were no glaring issues or corrections needed.  The committee was satisfied with the summary.

New Business:

Having established meeting dates until July 2017, the committee finalized meeting dates for the rest of 2017.  Meetings will take place at the Clifton Library starting at 2:15 p.m. on the following days:

Thursday, August 3

Thursday, September 7

Thursday, October 12

Thursday, November 2

Thursday, December 7

The committee then reviewed the results of the second survey.  The survey received 40 responses to three questions.

The first question asked, “What information would you expect to find in a central PALS Plus Resource?”  The results were as follows:

Resource Positive Response Percentage Rank
Training Materials 35 87.5% 3
Statistics 34 85% 4
Policies (Local) 27 67.5% 7
Policies (Consortium) 38 95% 1
Marketing & Promotional Materials 29 72.5% 5
How-to guides 36 90% 2
Committee Workspace 28 70% 6
Governance Documents 27 67.5% 7
Documents Presenting Best Practices 24 60% 8

This was followed up by an open ended question asking, “What other information would you wish to find in a centralized PALS Plus resource?”  These were the suggestions:

Blue Cloud report options, Staff directory and contact information, Budgets for libraries, Circulation breakdown, Highlighting changes or modifications to policies, Ability to post questions and engage in discussions, Forum space, Directories of committees, Directory of executive board, Space to post job listings, Space to offer substitute staff lists, Announcements/calendar of workshops, training or committee meetings, Closing alerts, Photo space/gallery, PR materials for PALS Plus, Historical information, Emergency Notices

The final question asked how accessible a PALS Plus information resource should be.cations and the potential ways in which a new resource could be developed to address the consortium’s needs.

At the July meeting, the committee will begin working on developing a visualization of the new PALS Plus information resource.  Precious suggested creating a wireframe of the replacement resource as part of the development process.

Adjournment: Time     3:54 p.m.

Next meeting: Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 2:15 p.m. – Clifton Library

Respectfully submitted,


Michael Drazek