IMC – 2017 – April 04 – Minutes

Information Management Committee 2017-04-04 Minutes

PALS PLUS Information Management Committee Meeting Minutes: 2017

The Information Management Committee meeting called to order at Clifton Public Library.

On Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 2:22 p.m. , by Michael Drazek.


Michael Drazek             _X_                                    Anne Schapiro       _X_

Precious Mack              ___                                     Mary Wilson          _X_

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Old Business:

New Business:

The committee reviewed the results of the PALS Plus wiki survey that was conducted from Monday, March 20 to Friday, March 31.  A total of 48 responses to four questions were received from directors and staff.  As the survey was anonymous it is not possible to determine who responded.

Of the responses that were received to the question: “Are you happy with the PALS Plus wiki?”

18 (37.5%)       said yes

25 (50%)          said no

6 (12.5%)         said “what wiki?”

The final question, “How easy to use do you find the PALS Plus wiki?” received the following responses:

Very easy        3 (6.7%)

Easy                 13 (28.9%)

Neutral            19 (42.2%)

Difficult           9 (20%)

Very Difficult   3 (6.7%)

The vast majority of the meeting involved the committee looking over the responses of the survey. The responses were categorized into the following categories:

Notifications, Awareness, Wiki Structure/Design, Currency of Information, Organization, Access, Social, (Statistics, Policies, Minutes/Agendas).  We then went through the responses and decided in what category a response best fit and if it was a negative or positive response.

Notifications:              3 positive / 4 negative

Awareness:                 2 positive / 13 negative

Wiki Design/

Structure:                     7 positive / 41 negative

Currency of

Information:                3 positive / 18 negative

Organization:              8 positive / 35 negative

Access:                                    7 positive / 33 negative

Social:                          3 positive / 3 negative

Respondents also indicated what they used the wiki for:

Statistics:                    20

Policies:                       17

Minutes/Agendas:      16

Other:                          4

The committee tabled examination of wiki models to the next meeting.

A document showing the various web apps available from JerseyConnect was distributed.

Discussion then focused on what to do with the first survey results and planning for the next survey.  For the next meeting the members will look over the first survey’s results and discuss their interpretations of the responses.  The committee will also work on next survey to find out what do directors and staff need.

Adjournment: Time     3:55 p.m.

Next meeting: Thursday, May 2, 2017 at 2:15 p.m. – Clifton Library

Respectfully submitted,


Michael Drazek